The MDDC is a collaboration among researchers and research centers using digital data to study democracy and politics.

Institutional Members

Institutional members include university-based research centers that study political communication.

  • Center for Media Engagement (CME); University of Texas at Austin
  • Center for an Informed Public (CIP); University of Washington
  • Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics (IDDP); George Washington University
  • Social Media & Democracy (SMAD) and the Center for Communication & Civic Renewal (CCCR); University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Media Forensics Lab; Clemson University
  • Edward R. Murrow College of Communication; Washington State University
  • Center for Social Media and Politics (CSMaP); New York University

Individual Members

Individual members include researchers studying political communication that are not affiliated with an aformentioned institutional member.

  • Yini Zhang, University of Buffalo
  • Ross Dahlke, Stanford University
  • Joanne Nie, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Jiyoun Suk, University of Connecticut
  • Meredith Pruden, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Executive Board

  • Josephine “Jo” Lukito, CME (Director)
  • Kaiya Soorholtz, CME (Head Data Engineer)
  • Sang Jung Kim, SMAD/CCCR
  • Jordan Foley, WSU
  • Yunkang Yang, IDDP
  • Ross Dahlke, Stanford (Social Media Coordinator)
  • Megan A. Brown, CSMaP

External Collaborators

In addition to our membership, MDDC also works with external collaborators, which include non-profit organizations, industry researchers, and archivists.

  • Pushshift
  • Q Origins