In addition to collaborating on the Data Library, MDDC members also conduct research together.

ICA 2022

Three MDDC papers were accepted to the 2022 International Communication Association Conference.

Kim, S. J., Yunkang, Y., Lukito, J., Borah, P., Foley, J. Network of the fringe and the fore: Link sharing patterns across Parler and Facebook on QAnon discourses.

Dahlke, R., Lukito, J., Hyang, E., Nie, J., Chen, B., & Borah, P. “But his emails”: The mobilizing effects of Donald Trump emails on political donations.

Lukito, J., Gursky, J., Foley, J., Yang, J., Borah, P., & Joseff, K. “No reason [.] it should happen here”: Understanding Flynn’s Retroactive Doublespeak during a QAnon Event.